John Wheeler says Customer Service Tops at Fitness One

February 06, 2015
With over 195,000 members and 17 locations, Fitness One President John Wheeler still see's customer service as the number one priority in his successful chain of ladies clubs.

"With less than 1900 complaints a year we have a satisfaction rate of over 99%. While that may seem like a lot you have to look at how much volume we are dealing with. There are over 1000 a workouts a day in each location and its rare to get any complaints at all".

Wheeler dismisses website and personal attacks found on the internet. "Sure, some of the complaints are valid I'm sure. Again, we have some members that we didn't do a good enough job with. But some of the complaints are just out right slander posted by terminated staff and competitors. You can't believe everything you read on the internet. Anybody can post whatever they want with complete anonymitiy. We had some staff that were terminated in one specific incident regarding internal theft and they thought it best to post some really slanderous remarks on the internet. It's all part of big business I guess. The larger you get, the bigger target you become".

Still Wheeler stands by the 15 year reputation of Fitness saying that if he added up all the complaints, real or not, there wouldn't be to more than a few dozen. With over 195,000 members that's a 99.999% satisafaction rate. 

"If you really want to know what Fitness One is like drop by any of our clubs. It's pretty rare anybody has a bad experience. Or take a look at any one of our over 500 unsolicited testimonials at"